Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
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Braunbeck, Thomas, Prof. Dr. (Project leader)
Centre for Organismal Studies (COS)
Complete address:
Institut für Zoologie
Abteilung V Morphologie & Ökologie
Im Neuenheimer Feld 230
+49 6221 54 5668
+49 6221 54 6162

Fields of interest:

aquatic toxicology, endocrine disruptors, cytopathology, histopathology of fish, genotoxicity assessment, embryotoxicity and biomarkers

Curriculum Vitae:

No cv filled in

Selected publications:

Comparison of in vitro and in situ genotoxicity in the Danube River by means of the comet assay and the micronucleus test. (2010) Boettcher, M., Grund, S., Keiter, S., Kosmehl, T., Reifferscheid, G., Seitz, N., Rocha, P.S., Hollert, H., Braunbeck, T. Mutat. Res. 17: 11-17.

Guidance document on the diagnosis of endocrine-related histopathology in fish gonads. (2010) Braunbeck, T., Johnson, R., Wolf, J. Series on Testing and Assessment No. 123, 114 pp.

Assessment of fish health status in the Upper Danube River by investigation of ultrastructural alterations in the liver of barbel Barbus barbus. (2010) Grund, G., Keiter, S., Böttcher, M., Seitz, N., Wurm, K., Manz, W., Hollert, H., Braunbeck, T. Dis. Aquat. Org. 88: 235 - 248.

Spatio-temporal development of CYP1 activity in early life-stages of zebrafish (Danio rerio). (2010) Otte, J., Schmidt, A., Hollert, H., Braunbeck, T. Aquat. Toxicol. 100: 38-50.

Changes in toxicity and dioxin-like activity of sediments from the Tiete River (Sao Paulo, Brazil). (2010) Suares Rocha, P., Azab, E., Schmidt, B., Storch, V., Hollert, H., Braunbeck, T. Ecotoxicol. Environ. Safety 73: 550-558.