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Brunner0118 - Scientist (f/m) / PhD position
Project no:

Project leader:

Project supervisor:
Brunner, Michael
Application deadline:
15. Oct 2018
Start of PhD project:
1. Nov 2018

Project description:

Molecular mechanism of the circadian clock
The laboratory of Prof. Michael Brunner employs genetic and biochemical methods using cutting edge technology to reveal the molecular principles of the circadian oscillator function and its cooperation with other cellular transcriptional circuits. We currently focus our research on 1) the molecular mechanisms of the Neurospora crassa circadian clock, 2) the coordination of the mammalian circadian clock and the cell cycle and 3) transcription induced inactivation of promoters and transcriptional memory (see also
We are currently looking for motivated PhD students with hands-on laboratory experience in molecular biology and protein biochemistry to work on the Neurospora circadian clock.
Methods that will be used:
Vector cloning, transformation, transfection, SDS-Page, qRT-PCR, ChIP, protein purification, gelfiltration, etc.
Cooperation partners:
Personal qualifications:
Strong background/ hands-on experience in molecular biology and (protein) biochemistry, bioinformatics skills an asset
Circadian clock, molecular mechanism, cell culture, Neurospora crassa, transcription, posttranslational modification