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Ruiz_de_Almodovar0219 - Scientist (f/m) / PhD position
Project no:

Project leader:

Project supervisor:
Ruiz de Almodóvar, Carmen
Application deadline:
24. Sep 2019
Start of PhD project:
1. Nov 2019

Project description:

Role of YAP/TAZ in the endothelium of melanoma brain
Development of brain metastases in patients with advanced melanoma is
common and is a clinical challenge for the treatment of these patients. As
part of the tumor microenvironment, the vasculature is crucial for the
extravasation of tumor cells and for the establishment and growth of
metastasis in defined organs. YAP/TAZ are two co-transcription factors (the
effectors of the Hippo pathway), which regulate blood vessel growth and
permeability. Our initial findings indicate that YAP/TAZ are overexpressed
and overactivated in endothelial cells (ECs) of glioblastoma tumor vessels
(Wang et al. Dev Cell 2017). However, whether YAP/TAZ are also
overexpressed in ECs of melanoma brain metastasis, and whether their
activity is relevant for the establishment and progression of the metastatic
tumor, remains unknown. Using human samples, mouse melanoma brain
metastasis models, mouse genetics and in vitro experiments, this project
focuses on addressing those questions.

For further details on the application procedure, please send an email with your CV, letter of motivation and contacts for references to:
Wang, X. et al. YAP/TAZ Orchestrate VEGF Signaling during Developmental Angiogenesis. Dev Cell 42, 462-478 e467, (2017).
Methods that will be used:
Mouse genetics
in vivo brain tumor mouse models
In vitro cell culture
Cell Biology
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology techniques Histology
Light and fluorescent microscopy
Confocal microscopy
Cooperation partners:
This project is part of the Research Training Group 2099
( Hallmarks of Skin Cancer
Personal qualifications:
The candidate should be an enthusiastic and motivated student willing to join a young international research group in a highly dynamic working environment (with English as main language). The ideal candidate should have a biomedicine or a biochemical and molecular biology background.