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Aller, Isabel

Isabel Aller

Date of graduation:
Jan 2014
PhD supervisor:
PD. Dr. Andreas Meyer
Position after graduation:
Scientific staff, DLR Projektträger, Government Administration, Bonn, Germany

Field of interest:

In eukaryotic organisms, cells are permanently in contact with their surroundings with which they are communicating by signal molecules and receptors that are sensing and transmitting chemical messages. The receptors and many signaling molecules are proteins of a distinct three-dimensional structure. The folded structure is achieved and preserved by internal disulfide bridges which are formed and removed during redox reactions in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) involving oxygen compounds and enzymes like oxidoreductases as catalysts. The activity of oxidoreductases during oxidative protein folding is not only influencing the structure of growth factors stimulating cells to proliferate but also may change the homeostatic redox control of the ER lumen through hydrogen peroxide generation that could cause misfolding of proteins and therefore trigger an unfolded protein response. Within this context the redox potential of the glutathione redox buffer (E GSH) is crucial, because it is hypothesized that the activity of ER oxidoreductases (EROs) influences the degree of glutathione oxidation and at the same time E GSH may regulate ERO activity. My ambition for my PhD work is to study these dynamic regulatory mechanisms and the role of ERO proteins in determining the ER redox conditions. Based on prior work during my Master’s thesis, I would like to generate and characterize more specific probes for E GSH in the ER through fusion of less reducing roGFP variants with glutaredoxins following a general, already established . Furthermore, I would like to use these novel probes to study the homeostatic mechanisms in different eukaryotic systems and ultimately test whether defects in protein folding are linked to alterations in ER redox control mechanisms.

Curriculum Vitae

University education
Master of Science in Biology, Heidelberg University

University education
Bachelor of Science, Molecular Cell Biology, Heidelberg University


Redesign of Genetically Encoded Biosensors for Monitoring Mitochondrial Redox Status in a Broad Range of Model Eukaryotes. (2013) Albrecht SC*, Sobotta MC*, Bausewein D*, Aller I, Hell R, Dick TP, Meyer AJ (*equal contribution) J Biomol Screen, doi: 10.1177/1087057113499634

Endoplasmic reticulum: Reduced and oxidized glutathione revisited. (2013) Birk J, Meyer M, Aller I, Hansen HG, Odermatt A, Dick TP, Meyer AJ, Appenzeller-Herzog C J Cell Sci, 10.1242/jcs.117218

The oxidative protein folding machinery in plant cells. (2012) Aller I, Meyer AJ Protoplasma, DOI 10.1007/s00709-012-0463-x

Five plant reticulon isoforms share ER location, topology and membrane shaping properties. (2010) Sparkes I, Tolley N, Aller I, Svozil J, Osterrieder A, Botchway S, Mueller C, Frigerio L, Hawes C The Plant Cell, 22, 1333-1343